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BCL Global provides single-point support for all your payroll management with increased accuracy and insightful decision-making through a simplified workflow.

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About Payroll Management & Compliance Services:

Effective payroll management is a critical component of business operations, and in the United Kingdom, the complex arena of payroll regulations necessitates careful attention to detail. From calculating wages to managing tax withholdings and staying abreast of evolving employment legislation, the intricacies of payroll can be time-consuming and challenging. Payroll management has several hurdles in the form of higher costs, computational inefficiencies, non-compliance, inaccurate methodologies and safety concerns. 

This is where professional payroll services in the UK come into play, offering businesses the expertise and support needed to navigate payroll complexities while ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. We at BCL Global, eliminate the limitations with our expertise & efficient management and provide error-free payroll processing while delivering the output on time.


Why use Payroll Service?

About our Services:

Payroll management is the collective function of payroll processing, attendance, reimbursement & leave management,  Tax Deductions and insurance. Here are some key aspects of the payroll management services that BCL Global provides: 

Payroll Processing

Includes monthly processing of payrolls to your employees with accuracy while managing the attendance, allowances, special payments, one-time payments and F&F settlements. The deduction is another part of payroll processing which continues to be cumbersome for organizations due to its variations based on location ,type of employment , and so on. 

Our advanced and automated payroll software system manage data and generate customized reports, that cut down costs in the long run while enhancing your HRM experience.

Analytics & Reporting

An effective reporting & analytics system in payroll management helps in monitoring the categorical trend of payroll expenses, identifying leakage areas if any, providing cost-cutting measures and helping plan future workforce. 

We provide you with monthly reports that facilitate a better hiring plan, payroll cost control and frees up your time for core business activities, reducing the risk aspect irrespective of the number of employees.

Tax Advisory

Tax advisory covers the service for both employees and employers. It is aimed at providing clarity on tax structures, filing due dates, tax exemption and deductions and helps the employer and employees to manage their expenses effectively, eliminate tax risks and to get the most out of the tax benefits. 

We at BCL Global provide,

 100% Compliance

 Data Security and Confidentiality

 Preparation of HR Manual, Handbook & employment contracts.

 Advisory on legal aspects to support Decision-Making

 Liaison with Regulatory Authorities for Filing responses to the notices


How can BCL Global help you with Payroll Management and Compliance Services ?

Salary Processing: From calculating employee salaries and bonuses to factoring in deductions and taxes, we provide all services that include processing of regular salary, one-time payments, exit payments, new joiner payments and full & final settlements which consume numerous days every month. Every aspect of payroll is accurately executed and this accuracy is crucial for maintaining employee trust and compliance with tax regulations.

PAYE Services : Pay As You Earn (PAYE) is the system through which employers deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from employees’ wages. Each employee is assigned a tax code, determining the tax amount. Real-Time Information (RTI) ensures timely reporting of payroll details to HMRC. Employers should issue payslips, P60 forms annually, and P45 forms upon employment termination. NICs are also collected to fund social security. Compliance with tax laws is crucial, and employers must inform HMRC of changes in employment status. Efficient management of PAYE is essential for accurate and compliant payroll processing. BCL Global, can help you streamline the PAYE process and ensure accuracy in tax calculations and reporting.

Compliance Advisory: The UK has stringent payroll regulations that are subject to frequent updates. Payroll service providers stay abreast of these changes, ensuring that businesses comply with the latest legislation. BCL Global’s Advisory service focuses on constantly sensitizing our clients on ever-changing regulatory ecosystem and supporting stakeholders in better planning.

Pension Auto-enrolment: With the introduction of automatic pension enrolment in the UK, businesses are required to enrol eligible employees in a qualifying pension scheme. We take on the responsibility of managing the pension auto-enrolment process, including communication with employees, ensuring compliance with contribution requirements, and handling opt-outs.

Document Preparation: Well curated and standardized document suite of payroll and employee management holds the core of operations in an organization. We help in maintaining comprehensive employee records, including details related to salaries, bonuses, and tax withholdings. This meticulous record-keeping is invaluable for audits, compliance checks, and providing employees with accurate and transparent information.

3 Things to Know When Looking For Payroll Management & Compliance services in London

Penalties: It is difficult for companies to be updated about the payroll system since it can create a deviation from their core business process. Payroll outsourcing companies have the latest update and they work on these updates so there are no chances of penalties from the Government.

Digitization: Working on legacy infrastructure increases time consumption, delays disbursal, and enables errors. For a faster and more reliable workflow advanced software and platforms are required. We at BCL Global are software agnostic and can use any payroll software that management is comfortable with.

Flexible Service Offering: Payroll management requires flexible services at the highest level as the regulations differ among organizations based on the size, nature of business and region the organization is located in. Hence, customized and curated service is mandatory in payroll services.


As a strategic investment, payroll services contribute to the overall financial health, employee satisfaction, and operational success of businesses in the United Kingdom. We at BCL Global, provide businesses with a comprehensive solution to manage payroll complexities, ensuring accurate and compliant financial transactions for their workforce.

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