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BCL Global provides expert guidance to ensure meticulous handling of all legal and regulatory aspects related to business incorporation.

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About Incorporation Services:

Starting a business in the United Kingdom can be an exciting venture, but it comes with its fair share of paperwork and legalities. One crucial step in this journey is incorporating your business. In the UK, the business incorporation process includes tasks such as company name registration, preparation and submission of legal documents, provision of registered office addresses, guidance on share capital structure and assistance with tax-related registrations.

Incorporation services in the UK play a vital role in simplifying the process of establishing a legal entity. BCL Global provides assistance to entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This support is particularly valuable in London, a bustling global financial centre with stringent legal standards and a highly competitive business environment. By leveraging our incorporation services, entrepreneurs and businesses can save time, minimise errors, and ensure a smooth and compliant establishment.


Why use Incorporation Service?

How can BCL Global help you with Incorporation Services?

Incorporating a business involves several steps, and our incorporation services can greatly simplify the process for entrepreneurs. Here are some key aspects of the Incorporation services that BCL Global provides: 

Choosing a Business Structure: We assist in choosing the right business structure for you after Conducting thorough research on your business idea, target market, and industry trends in London. We help you in deciding on the company’s share structure, specifying the number and value of shares. 

Business Name Registration:  We at BCL Global, assist in choosing a unique and appropriate business name. We also handle the registration process to ensure the chosen name is available and complies with regulatory requirements.


Document Preparation and Filing: We manage the meticulous preparation and submission of necessary paperwork, including articles of association, memorandum, and other legal documents ensuring accuracy and compliance. 

Registered Office Services:  Every UK company must have a registered office address. We provide a registered office address as part of the package. This address is used for official communication and must be a physical location in the UK.

Company Secretary Services: While no longer a legal requirement for most small companies, having a company secretary can be beneficial. We offer virtual or part-time secretarial services to assist with administrative tasks and compliance matters.  We help you obtain required licences or permits for your business to operate legally in London.

Tax Registration: We assist with registering the company for taxes, including Corporation Tax and VAT if applicable. Ensuring proper tax registration is crucial to avoid legal complications. We provide assistance in registering your new company for taxation with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to obtain a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR).

Legal Compliance: Staying compliant with UK laws and regulations is essential. We guide businesses through legal requirements, helping them avoid pitfalls and penalties. Ongoing compliance, such as filing annual accounts and returns, is a crucial aspect that these services can manage.

Business Bank Account Setup: We also assist in setting up a business bank account, a necessary step for financial transactions.


With a wealth of experience, BCL Global empowers entrepreneurs, allowing them to embark on their business journey with confidence. Partnering with BCL Global facilitates a smooth navigation of the incorporation process, setting the stage for a thriving, compliant, and prosperous business venture.

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